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MAHA recommends that all of its associations spend time focusing on the growth of their programs. We recommend all association appoint a Growth Coordinator as part of their board. That person should be responsible for directing all the growth initiatives and developing the yearly Growth Calendar for the organization. This is a very key position for the long-term benefit of your association. As you begin to set a strategy you should be aware of the Top 3 Reasons Parents Choose Youth Hockey & Stay in the Game. This knowledge will help your recruiting efforts. 

USA Hockey has a Membership Development department focused on acquisition and retention of the four-to-eight-year old age group. The Program Services division has created a number of resources available for your use at The Michigan Program Services Manager is Kevin Erlenbach who can be reached at (719) 538-1119 and

He is available to you as a resource to growing the game. If you want to brainstorm ideas to utilize in your community or share a program that has worked for your association, please do not hesitate to contact him. Here are some of the resources available to you:


Try Hockey for Free Manual - A step-by-step guide to running a free trial opportunity to get new players into the game. The manual shares recommendations on scheduling, equipment, sanctioning the event, volunteers, things to consider in the budget, marketing & promotions, follow-up and results. For the full Try Hockey for Free manual, click here. 

How to Get Dressed Video - This video is a step-by-step instruction of how to get dressed to play hockey. This video can be utilized with current growth models to teach parents and new players how to get dressed. To download, right click on Click Here and choose the 'Save link as' option and save to your desktop. Click here. 

OneGoal Manual - This manual was created to share success stories and suggested ways to most effectively utilize the OneGoal equipment. If you have a success story you would like to share, please email Click here for the full manual.

Digital Ink Manual - The Digital Ink Manual walks you through the Digital Ink website ordering process. It allows you to select your promotional piece, customize it and either have it mailed to you or directly to a targeted mailing list. Click here for the manual.

Growth Models
These are brief outlines on programs that are successfully being used throughout the country.

2 & 2 National Challenge - Associations across the country are signing up to participate in USA Hockey's 2 & 2 Challenge. It is an attainable goal for growth at the 4 to 8 age group, regardless of the size of the local association. Don't miss out on being a part of USA Hockey's national initiative! The 2 & 2 Challenge is supported by the Membership Development department, which has designated a staff to assist local associations in reaching the 2 & 2 Challenge.

Four week Free introduction to Hockey - Run by the Colordao Springs Hockey association, this program allowed players to skate and learn for free during a four week program. After that they were offered a low rate to finish out the rest of the season. OneGoal equipemnt was also used to keep the cost down. Click here to downloadthe results of the program and everything you need to know to run it.

Score for Schools Program - This is a field trip opportunity for local schools to incorporate science and physical education offered at an ice arena to students. Click here for the outline. Click here for an example program.

After-School Hockey Program - This program allows organizations to coordinate with local elementary schools to offer a free after-school learn to skate and play hockey program for grades 1-4. Click here for the step-by-step guide.

Holiday Card Program - This creative marketing tool combines the best communication method of word-of-mouth promotion and an excellent distribution process of getting into the classroom. Click here for the Halloween Card, Click here for the Holiday Card and click here for the Valentine's Day Card. USA Hockey will be designing a Halloween card, Christmas Holiday card and Valentine's Day card for you to customize. These will be available in the coming months.

Come Play Youth Hockey Campaign Resources - This campaign is geared to educate the parents of four-to-eight-year olds on the benefits of youth hockey. The artwork and commercial are for you to utilize in your print advertising, posters, flyers, postcards, etc., as well as on television. Click here for the options. Click here to access the logos and commercial.

Door Hangers - This growth initiative encouraged local association members to get involved by creating door hangers to place on the front doors of prospective players encouraging them to come play youth hockey. Digital Ink has four door hanger templates available to be customized. Click here for the growth model.

Equipment Donation Box Program
- One barrier to entry is cost, and equipment is one part of the cost to play youth hockey. Click here to read about an equipment donation program that is aimed at helping kids with limited resources to learn how to skate and play youth hockey.

Marketing Materials

Digital Come Play Youth Hockey Pamphlet:
USA Hockey's new digital Come Play Youth Hockey Pamphlet has information to help new parents get their child started in youth hockey this fall. This online publication can be distributed to perspective parents via email or other types of social media. Click here to view the pamphlet.

Recruiting Posters from USA Hockey HI-RES:
Boy - Second First Step    New
Girl - Second First Step   New
Girl - Dress Up  New
Sweat Away   New
Super Heros
Come Play Youth Hockey

Recruiting Posters from OneGoal
Determination Poster
Self Comfidence Poster
Fall Get Up Poster
Protecting Goal Poster
Friendship Poster
Germs Poster
Cold Rinks Poster
Learn to Waeve Poster
Dads Pancakes
Stand on Two Feet Poster

Commercial for Local / Cale TV
OneGoal Commercial - Peas
OneGoal Commercial - Spit Wad
Michigan Hockey - MI KInd of Fun  #1
Michigan Hockey - MI KInd of Fun  #2

Hockey Weekend Across America
-. USA Hockey is seeking 200 rinks to offer a Try Hockey for Free program on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012, introducing over 4,000 kids to the sport of hockey. Each host association & facility will receive from USA Hockey: up to 40 jerseys to use and give to the Try Hockey for Free participants, marketing templates and inclusion on Click here to sign up today!

- Come Play Youth Hockey is more than an invitation - it's a mission to help educate parents on the benefits of joining this cool sport. So join us on Facebook. Share with us. Come play youth hockey with us, and watch your kid soar.

Tape to Tape - A monthly newsletter to keep you informed on USA Hockey Programs. Click here to read archived issues. Click here to subscribe.