One Goal Michigan


The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association and its affiliate members take an active role in increasing player participation and promoting hockey development in the state.  The MAHA OneGoal program works in cooperation with the USA Hockey Membership Development department and OneGoal, which is a nonprofit organization comprised of a coalition the National Hockey League (NHL), the NHL Players Association (NHLPA), the NHL Alumni Association, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, rinks, Easton-Bell, Reebok-CCM, Bauer, retailers, and many others across North America who are involved with hockey.

The “one goal” of the collective efforts of these groups is to build greater awareness and understanding of hockey so parents can make informed decisions about involving their families in the great sport of hockey.  For more information on the OneGoal program go to

To assist in growing participation and promoting hockey development in the state MAHA has created the OneGoal Committee to oversee the initiative and each year a substantial financial commitment is dedicated to a grant program to support associations with their growth objectives.   Associations can complete and submit a grant proposal to the MAHA OneGoal Committee by the application deadline.  The committee reviews the requests and submits a recommendation to the MAHA Board of Directors for approval.  Michigan associations that receive grant funding are required to complete and submit a report to the MAHA OneGoal Committee at the end of the program with details on the use of the grant funding and the resulting participation growth. For more information on the grant process for associations, contact MAHA OneGoal Chairperson Lyle Phair at

Associations must complete the MAHA OneGoal Grant Request Form and submit it by the June 15, 2014 deadline to be considered for grant funding.