Executive Board of Directors

George Atkinson, President

 The President is responsible to manage the day to day affairs of MAHA and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive... Read More >

James Cosgrove, Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President serves as the Chairperson of the Rules Committee. The corordination of all the youth "Select Camps" is also... Read More >

Judy Niemi - Vice President Officiating

The Vice President of Officiating serve as Chairperson of the Referees Committee and is a member of the Referees Discipline Committee. This position... Read More >

Ray Kraemer - Vice President of Adult Hockey

The Vice President of Adults oversees all Adult hockey in Michigan and serves as Chairperson of the State Adult Playoff Committee.   ... Read More >

Roger Mauritho - Vice President of Youth Hockey

The vice President of Youth Hockey oversees all Youth Hockey in the State of Michigan and serves as the Chairperson of the State Youth Playoff... Read More >

Rick Frescura - Vice President of Appeals

Vice President of Appeals shall be Chairperson of all Appeals panels and is also Chairperson of the Physical and Sexual Abuse Committee. Contact... Read More >

Gordon Bowman - Vice President of Coaching

Vice President of Coaching serves as Chairperson of the Coaching Committee and is MAHA’s liaison with USA Hockey’s Coaching Education... Read More >

Jean Laxton, G/W Vice President

Shall oversee Girl's/Women's Hockey in Michigan Shall serve as the chairperson of the Girl's/Women's Committee. Contact... Read More >

Grant Helms - Treasurer

The Treasurer handles all of MAHA's financial obligations and make periodic reports to the board on those matters. Contact Information ... Read More >

Kerin Wear - Secretary

The Secretary shall notify the Directors of meetings and other important matters and keep the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and... Read More >