MAHA Annual Guide, By-Laws, Rules

The MAHA By-Laws and Rules & Regulations govern the affairs of the organization. Proposed changes to the MAHA By-Laws and Rules are voted upon annually at the MAHA Winter & Summer Meetings. Proposed changes to the By-Laws and/or the Rules and Regula­tions shall be submitted by members to the Rules Committee Chairperson, and must be postmarked before December 15th. All proposals must be submitted on the MAHA rules change proposal form (which can be found in the Forms & Information section of this site) and must include all of the required information to be accepted by the Rules Committee Chairperson. All proposals are to be submitted in electronic format. Once submitted they shall be acted upon by the Rules Committee and the Board of Directors in accordance with the Bylaws.

A copy of the MAHA Annual Guide, including By-Laws and Rules & Regulations, revised as of July, 2013 can be viewed below. A copy can also be downloaded in a pdf document by Clicking Here.