How to Contact Michigan Amateur Hockey

MAHA supervises the activities of thousands of amateur hockey teams, and tens of thousands of players, using a volunteer workforce of elected and appointed officials.  MAHA administers amateur hockey in Michigan by establishing seven districts, numbered 2-8. Each District is responsible for the local teams and Associations in their area. To find which district you are located in use the map below. The District Chairman is an elected Coordinator who serves as the spokesman and chief administrator for the district.

If you have problems to resolve, or to get answers to questions, you should start at your local level and work up this chain of contacts until a resolution is reached. The names of people in these positions are contained in the Annual Guide published by MAHA, and are also available on this website under Contact Us.


Below are the various authorities responsible for the conduct of amateur hockey in Michigan. If you have problems or questions, start at the top of the list and work your way down if need be.

  • Registered Team Officials (coaches, managers)
  • Local Association Officials and Hockey League Officials
  • MAHA District Council Representatives
  • MAHA District Directors
  • MAHA District Referee-in-Chief
  • MAHA District Chairpersons
  • MAHA President, acting for the board
  • MAHA Executive Committee, acting for the board
  • MAHA Board of Directors

MIchigan Amateaur Hockey District Boundries


MAHA District Boundary Descriptions

MAHA District Boundaries by Community 

MAHA District Boundaries Map