Reference Desk Forms


Affilate Agreement Form is required form all Association and Club or Independent Teams in order to be recognized by MAHA.

A permit is required for all exhibition games played in Canada. Contact your local Associate District Registrar or Bob Yohe, Michigan Registrar for the form.

This is required prior to playing in Canadian tournaments. The application is to be filled out on-line by clicking the link above. A $10 fee will be collected by PayPal at the time you apply.

Information needed to be included in the Find Hockey in Michigan section of the website.

Background checks must be filled out by all Coaches, Referees, Team Managers and any other adults that work with youth participants prior to participating in any activities.

Used to record needed information when serious injuries occur during sanctioned events.

Form used to report coaching ethics violations.

Sample form that shows information that needs to be provided by medical provider before concussed participant can return to play.

Form to be filled out by coaches and retained by association, agreeing to follow concussion management program

Form to be filled out by parents and participants, acknowledging they have reviewed the concussion information. Form to be retained by association.