Reference Desk Information

Informational Items

Presentation by Tom Kehr to Association Presidents on the roles and resposibilities of an ACE Director within the local associations.

USA Hockey Publication intended to serve as a guide to performing Financial & Accounting processes of a Hockey Association.

Copy of the Coaching Ethics agreement that each coach must agree to prior to rosterting. Revised version as of 6/2010

Concussions can cause serious and long-term damage to young players if not treated properly. We urge you to review these materials and become familiar with the symptoms of concussions.

Compiled list of resources available to you for information about concussions, concussion prevention and returning to play after a concussion.

Put this poster up at your arena to raise awareness of concussion signs, symptoms and steps to take should you suspect a player has sustained a concussion.

Cross-Ice / Half-Ice Rink Markings

Serving the American Rinks have provided the suggested markings for cross & half-ice...the cross-ice ones were put in the 2011-2013 playing rules book..the half-ice are new.

Define MAHA District Boundries by County and Municipality. Also has a Map.

Minutes from the Executive Board Meeting held on 5/9/2008.