Red Wings Premier Program

The Premiere Program was created in 2010 by the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association. The program which received the endorsement of the Detroit Red Wings, was designed to incentivize the implementation of the ADM (American Development Model) for players eight years old and younger. The goal is to get the all Michigan hockey associations to adopt this new program over the next few years. The program is designed to create more interest in hockey at the youngest age levels, lower the cost of the initial entry programs, increase the skill level of new players, be more fun for all players, and increase the retention rate for players moving to the next level.  The ADM training program is the "Gold Standard" program that has been developed by USA Hockey developmental experts and is funded in part by the NHL. Those associations who adopt this program and follow the criteria will be designated as "Red Wings Premiere Programs". Parents looking for the best hockey program for their child to participate in should look for the Red Wings Premiere Program desigination.

Why MAHA Supports the American Development Model?

  • Better development for all hockey players
  • More focus on development at younger ages
  • Produces better skilled players
  • Better skilled players have more fun
  • Players having more fun stay in the game longer
  • Program reduces the costs and makes more affordable for more parents

What is the Red Wings Premiere Program?

  • A program for young hockey players under 8 years old
  • A program that introduces players to the sport of hockey
  • A program that follows the ADM Guidelines to teach young hockey players the FUNdamentals of the game
  • A program that is FUN for the players so the will want to continue playing hockey

Only those associations that are willing to follow all the criteria of the program will be eligible to become Red Wings Premiere Programs. An Association must agree to comply and continue to follow the prescribed programs in order to continue to remain in the program. The criteria for the program is as follows:


  1. Administer a minimum six week low-cost introductory program
    1. Recommended cost at $75 or less
  2. All teams at U6 and U8 programs must follow ADM recommended ice allocation and practice ratios
  3. Host or attend in-season coaching development sessions
  4. Cross - Ice program up until age 8
    1. Current travel program grandfather clause
      1. Full Ice Mite A teams eliminated 2010 - 2011
      2. Full Ice Mite AA teams eliminated 2011 - 2012
  5. Conduct player skill evaluations - Incentives for players
  6. Follow USAH ‘Red, White & Blue' Cross-Ice hockey Program guidelines
  7. Schedule Association Exchanges
    1. Unlimited in number per season
    2. Fosters a fun and naturally competitive atmosphere for kids
    3. Enhance development by grouping players of like abilities
  8. Schedule Cross-Ice Jamborees
    1. Limited to 6 per year
    2. Creates a fun tournament like environment