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Mar 09
From Child's View, Adults Find Full-Ice No Fun

Ever wonder how a full-sized sheet of ice looks through a child's eyes? USA Hockey put adult players on a hockey rink scaled to simulate... Read More >

Mar 09
USA Hockey Model Association flourishing in Orchard Lake

By Philip Colvin After the success of their American Development Model pilot program during the 2011-12 season, the Orchard Lake United hockey... Read More >

Nov 18
MAHA Announces 13-14 Mite Jamborees

MAHA has announced the sites for this years Mite Jamborees. December 14, 2013 - Lapeer February 8, 2014 - Iron Mountain February... Read More >

Feb 09
Benefits of Cross-ice

Why should young athletes play cross-ice hocey? This short video helps to explain the benefits behind cross-ice hockey.   Read More >

Dec 31
Education continues to drive USA Hockey’s American Development Model

By Philip Colvin Four years ago, when USA Hockey decided to evaluate the state of American hockey, enrollment in the sport was flat, and... Read More >

Sep 25
Soccer in Canada / Hockey in Michigan: The arguement for player development sound similar

DEVOS: THE TRUTH ABOUT LONG-TERM PLAYER DEVELOPMENT There have been a number of articles published recently, questioning the logic behind the... Read More >

Jul 26
Why Hopscotch Matters

Hopscotch was one of my favorite games as a child and it still is today. In fact, Hopscotch proves one of my pet theories that (in most... Read More >

Jul 26
Teaching Young Hockey Players to Body Check Doesn’t Cut Injury Risk

Introducing body checking to hockey players at a younger age does not reduce their risk of injury over the long term, according to a new study. ... Read More >

Jun 26
Somtimes We Are Too Close to the Sport We Love

Sometimes were get so involved with things it becomes hard to put things in proper perspective. Sometimes it is easy to look at another related... Read More >

Jun 18
England Changes Soccer Fields??

The UK is changing the size of soccer fields for development purposes. Say it is no so! I many sports in many countries, principles of long... Read More >