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MAHA Awards

Association of the Year Award in honor of John Stansik

The John Stansik Association of the Year Award will be given to a Michigan Amateur Hockey Member Association for contributions to the sport and efforts to grow the game.

“We wanted to find a way to remember John Stansik, who was a very influential member of our youth hockey community as a director, a parent and a friend,” said MAHA president George Atkinson. “This award will honor associations working to grow our game – something John did as a passion and as a service to youth hockey for such a long time.”

In 1998, Stansik turned a bowling alley into Plymouth’s Arctic Pond, which led to the creation of the Michigan Nationals, the Ice Dogs and eventually the Victory Honda organization. Stansik’s ownership group also built the Arctic Coliseum in Chelsea and the Arctic Edge in Canton. He was also a founding member and vice president of Hockey Has Heart, a charitable organization with the mission of helping members of the hockey community in need.

The John Stansik Association of the Year will be presented to the association that best exemplifies these qualities and accomplishments:

  • Makes outstanding contributions to the growth of the hockey community in Michigan
  • Supports MAHA and USA Hockey initiatives, programs and strategies designed to grow the game
  • Invests to grow the game and provide more children the opportunity to play hockey in their local area
  • Uses/develops creative and effective programs or methods to recruit and retain players at the 8U age category
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to the overall development of its players, emphasizes skill development and teaches the fundamentals of the game

To apply, the association is asked to provide a brief description that outlines the association’s efforts in meeting the above criteria, describes their efforts and contributions to grow the game and provides age-appropriate development for the players in their association.

A trophy that will be passed from association to association will be created for the new award, and the winning association will receive a reward of $2,500 to use for further growth and development initiatives.

Applications need to be submitted to Awards Committee by April 15 each year.

JOHN STANSIK Award Winners

2020 Garden City Hockey Association
2019 Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association
2018 Cadillac Area Hockey Association
2017 Huron County Hockey Association

Earl G. Piper - Coach Of The Year Award

Given annually at the summer meeting, this award recognizes and individual who contributes significantly to the development of youth players. This is an opportunity to nominate an individual who is one of your associations shinning stars.  A coach who is the player’s favorite by teaching the game as a fun way of making things interesting.  But also, one who exemplifies and teaches the character skills for the player he (she) coaches to live life as a contributing member of society.  

Nominations ar due bu April 15 each year and are submitted to the Vice President of Coaches. 

EARL G. PIPER - Coach Of The Year Award Winners

Year Recipient
2001 Earl Piper
2002 Dwayne Smith
2003 Kyle Krug
2004 Tim Gannon
2005 Frank Murphy
2006 Ron Hayes
2007 David Sexton
2008 David Brass
2009 Timothy Jason
2010 Gregory Guziak
2011 Glen Patrick
2012 Brian Burke
2013 Mark Izzard
2014 Paul Fayad
2015 Chad Kennedy
2016 John Nutkins
2017 Mike Marreucci
2018 Mike Zuidema
2019 Jason Welch
2020 Mariano Guidi


The purpose of this award is to recognize and motivate young energetic talent to work within an affiliate to grow and improve hockey. 

This award will be presented annually to "up and coming" leaders within each affiliate. It will be awarded for contributions in growing or improving hockey within the affiliate, or for being a very positive person in performing affiliate activities. 


  • The recipient may receive this award only once in his/her lifetime. 
  • The recipient must be under age 45 to qualify. 
  • There will be one recipient per affiliate and up to two honorable mentions for each affiliate. 
  • The candidates are those in leadership positions or active within an affiliate. 
  • The candidates are considered part of the future leadership team of an affiliate. 
  • Selection & Award Process: 
  • The name of a candidate and a short explanation of the activities and/or leadership shown by the candidate should be submitted to the MAHA President by April 15

This information will be reviewed by the Executive Director and President of USA Hockey.  In addition, each Affiliate President can submit up to two (2) additional candidates for honorable mention. USA Hockey will confirm the submission of candidates with the Affiliate President on or before May 1. The President of USA Hockey will announce the New Leader Award’s at the annual meeting of USA Hockey. USA Hockey will create a certificate/award to be presented to the candidate by the Affiliate, at an event or function selected by the Affiliate. 



2020 Jeff Mitchell
2019 Joe Provenzano
2018 Pat Jesue
2017 Chris Boloven
2016 Joe Barone
2015 Just Mandel
2014 Matt Hawkins


This yearly award is designed to recognize hockey associations that are leaders in the growth, development, and promotion of ice hockey for females. 

The award is given annually to one organization In Michigan and each of the other USA Hockey districts, and is chosen by the district under the guidelines established for recognition. 

Associations that are considered for the award should meet all or most of the following criteria: 

  • Bylaws and Mission Statement that supports growth and development 
  • Parent Education program that is mandated for all levels 
  • Fee structure that is economical for the area of the district, and offers alternatives for those less fortunate to play for a reduced or no cost 
  • Pays for and supports all Coaches being properly certified through the USA Hockey CEP 
  • Offers Learn to Skate, Cross-Ice, Recreational/House league, and Competitive teams wherever enrollment numbers indicate 
  • Has a documented practice to game ratio 
  • Has established limits on game counts 
  • Has established limits on travel distances 
  • Supports and promotes all USAH initiatives such as the ADM, Girls Try Hockey For Free, HWAA, WGIHW, SafeSport, etc. 
  • Holds community based activities designed to promote the sport and entice players to join their organization. 
  • Has established limits on the length of season – reduces overall time commitment for the sport. 
  • Offers short term player development opportunities for children to play hockey. 
  • Is involved in humanitarian, volunteer, or community based activities that help enhance the public perception of the organization as a contributing member of the local community. 

Selection Process 
Organizations will submit a minimum one-page document listing their compliance to the stated criteria and an explanation of their leadership in girls’/women’s ice hockey to the MAHA Vice President for Girls’/Women’s Hockey. Applications are due by April 11, 2017.



2020 Midland Amateur Hockey League
2019 HoneyBaked Hockey Club
2018 Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Assoc.
2017 Grand Traverse Hockey Assoc.
2016 Trenton Amateur Hockey Assoc.
2014 Kensington Valley Hockey Assoc.

William Kellogg Memorial Award

Mr. Kellogg was a former outstanding MAHA officer from Port Huron. The Kellogg family has donated a memorial plaque to be given to a member of the Board of Directors for outstanding achievement and dedication to amateur hockey. Each year the members of the Board of Directors vote for whom they wish to merit this honor. Mr. Kellogg was selected the first honored member.

William Kellogg Memorial Award Winners

1969 Lawrence Cain 1997 Kerin Wear
1970 Carl Schwartz 1998 Karen Lundgren
1971 J. Yohn 1999 Dave Wiitanen
1972 William Gill 2000 Jim Beiswanger
1973 Charles Autore 2001 Susan McDowelll
1974 Jack Broesamie 2002 Greg Mingay
1975 Richard Houtteman 2003 Grant Helms
1976 Don Randle 2004 Jack Witt
1977 William Gill 2005 Clem Wldmann
1978 Ferris Steinhauer 2006 Roger Mauritho
1979 Sam Greenblatt 2007 Sal Giacalone
1980 Ken Williams 2008 Larry Johnson
1981 Carl Schwartz 2009 Richard Frescura
1982 Mike Kaminski 2010 Mike Cruickshan
1983 Bill Barstow 2011 Bob Yohe
1984 Fred Dahl & Dick Larzelere 2012 Gordon Bowman
1985 Len Smith 2013 George Atkinson
1986 John Vargo 2014 Carol Schwanger
1987 Wes Danielson 2015 Mickey Jesue
1988 Ralph Bammert 2016 Dorthy Ballard
1989 John Beadle 2017 Jean Laxton
1990 Joe O’Leary 2018 Judy Niemi
1991 Jerry Ludden 2019 Ron Brasseur
1992 Ron Hayes 2020 Don Wright
1993 Earl Piper
1994 Ray Kraemer
1995 Gerry Conley
1996 Lowell McCoy

Wes Danielson Award

At each Summer Meeting the Wes Danielson Award recognizes an individual who, like Wes, overcomes a major handicap or diversity and continues to participate in or make a major contribution to ice hockey.

Wes Danielson Award Winners

2020 Keegan Helton

Carl Schwarz Award

At each Summer Meeting, the Carl Schwarz Award is presented to the Immediate Past President.