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Rules & Bylaws

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2024 - 25 Player / Team Exceptions

How to Propose Rule Changes

Proposed changes to these Bylaws and/or the Rules and Regulations shall be submitted by members to the Rules Committee Chairperson, and must be received by May 15 of odd-numbered years. All proposals must be submitted on the MAHA rules change proposal form and must include all of the required information to be accepted by the Rules Committee Chairperson. All proposals are to be submitted in electronic format. All such proposals shall be read at the Summer Meeting with a recommendation offered by the Rules Committee. An advisory vote of the Board shall be taken at this time. All Proposals which do not receive support from a majority of the Board Members voting at the Summer Meeting shall be rejected.

Once you have completed the Rule Change Submission Form, you must submit it using the link below.

Dan Pozdol

Rules Committee Chairperson

2023/24 Bylaw Proposed Revision - NOT ADOPTED

2023/24 Proposed Rule Changes

The 2023 Proposed rule changes will be discussed at the MAHA Summer Meeting July 6-9.  A vote will take place on each rule to determine if the rule will be moved to the MAHA Winter Meeting dates T.B.D.  At the MAHA Winter Meeting for a final vote to determine if the rule passes to be implemented.

Policy & Guidelines

In addition to the MAHA Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations, MAHA Has adopted and number of policies. These policies relate to:

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • MAHA Privacy Policy Relating to Social Security Numbers and Other Sensitive Data
  • MAHA Records Access Policy
  • Record Retention Policy
  • Travel Team Tryout Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Financial Procedures Manual
  • Team Financial Statements
  • Michigan Residency Policy
  • Locker Room Policy
  • Individuals on the ice after a Chamionship Game
  • Invtiational Tournament Deposits
  • Standardized Discipline Policy for Match Penalties
  • Policy Regarding Penalty Minutes for Major, Minor, Misconducts & Match Penalties
  • Billet Policy

Details of these policies can be found here

Pilot Programs

From time to time the MAHA Executive Committee mat adopt various pilot Programs. The purpose is to try a program for a defined period of time before adopting it as a full rule. Here the programs that currently exist.

The following Pilot Programs are recognized for the 2024-2025regular season:

  • Girls High School Classification Pilot
  • Girls High School National Bound Procedure
  • Tier I Out of State Players
  • Tier 2 16U & 18U District Boundries
  • Tier 1 Player Movement - Updated 5/16/24
  • Tier 1 13 Only Player Movement
  • Tier 2 Non National Bound Designation