2021 - 2022 Try Hockey For Free Events

Date Host City Location Time Registration URL
March 5, 2022 Honeybaked Hockey Club Farmington Hills Suburban Ice - Farmington Hills 4:30pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/353
March 5, 2022 Compuware Youth League Plymouth USA Hockey Arena 10:30am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/404
March 5, 2022 Port Huron Minor Hockey Association Port Huron Glacier Pointe Ice Complex 1:30pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/412
March 5, 2022 Hockey Association at West Kent H.A.W.K. Walker Walker Ice & Fitness Center 12:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/418
March 5, 2022 Jackson Area Hockey Association Jackson Optimist Ice Arena 1:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/438
March 5, 2022 Garden City Hockey Association Garden City Garden City Civic Arena 12:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/456
March 5, 2022 Midland Amateur Hockey League Midland Midland Civic Arena 11:00am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/525
March 5, 2022 Mt. Clemens Hockey Association Mount Clemens Mount Clemens Ice Arena 4:15pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/537
March 5, 2022 Rockford Hockey Association Cedar Spring, MI Cedar Rock Sports Plex 3:30pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/538
March 5, 2022 Holland Hockey Association Holland, MI Griff's IceHouse West 10:30am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/589
March 5, 2022 Iron Range Hockey Association Negaunee, MI Negaunee Ice Arena 1:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/665
March 5, 2022 Lansing Hockey Club East Lansing Suburban Ice - East Lansing 3:30pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/701
March 5, 2022 East Side Bulldogs Hockey Club Detroit East Side Hockey Arena 8:30am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/741
March 5, 2022 Greater Saginaw Amateur Hockey Association Saginaw Saginaw-Bay Ice Arena 12:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/764
March 5, 2022 Suburban Ice Macomb Macomb Suburban Ice Macomb 1:10pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/838
March 5, 2022 Amateur Hockey Association of Mt. Pleasant Mount Pleasant I.C.E. Arena 10:00am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/843
March 5, 2022 Suburban Hockey Group - Rochester Rochester Suburban Ice - Rochester 1:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/849
March 5, 2022 Eastern Michigan Hockey Association Flint Township Flint Icelands Arena 10:30am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/855
March 5, 2022 Greater Flint Hockey Association Burton Crystal Fieldhouse Ice Arena 10:30am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/856
March 5, 2022 Plymouth-Canton Hockey Association Plymouth Plymouth Cultural Center 8:00am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/857
March 5, 2022 Grand Valley Amateur Hockey Association Hudsonville Georgetown Ice Center 1:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/861
March 5, 2022 Little Caesars Farmington Hills Hockey Farmington Hills Farmington Hills Ice Arena 4:15pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/861
March 5, 2022 Cadillac Area Hockey Association Cadillac Wexford County Civic Center 1:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/875
March 5, 2022 Troy Youth Hockey Association Troy Troy Sports Center 11:00am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/876
March 5, 2022 Grand Rapids Blades Grand Rapids Eagles Ice Center 10:00am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/879
March 5, 2022 Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association Kalamazoo Wings West 1:30pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/883
March 5, 2022 Grand River Hockey Association Howell 140 Ice Den 10:00am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/885
March 5, 2022 Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Ice Cube 12:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/897
March 5, 2022 Canton Victory Honda Hockey Association Canton Arctic Edge of Canton 12:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/917
March 5, 2022 Alpena Hockey Association Alpena Northern Lights Arena 1:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/918
March 5, 2022 Fox Motors Hockey Club Byron Center Southside Arena 6:35pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/949
March 5, 2022 Royal Oak Hockey Club Royal Oak John Lindell Arena 3:30pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/954
March 5, 2022 Downriver Hockey Association Southgate, MI Southgate Civic Arena 12:00pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/958
March 5, 2022 Novi Ice Arena Novi, MI Novi Ice Arena 6:15pm https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/962
March 5, 2022 Orchard Lake United Orchard Lake, MI Orchard Lake St. Mary's Ice Arena 10:00am https://tryhockeyforfree.com/event_detail/974


The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) is proud to accept applications from associations and rinks interested in hosting a Try Hockey For Free event in the 2021-22 season!

With the support of new Growth Partners, such as T&I Credit Union, MAHA has the opportunity to offer a calendar of growth events including Try Hockey For Free, as well as Girls Try Hockey For Free events. All events will be supported by MAHA through online registration, event coordination, on-ice instruction, equipment rental, event promotion and communication. 

Clinics may begin as early as December 2021, and potentially schedule through Spring 2022. While weekend dates are optimal, week night events are also available. All final dates will require approval from MAHA. 

Due to limited availability, all applications must be submitted by Friday, December 31, 2021

To host a Try Hockey For Free event, associations and rinks may register at the link below: