The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association is excited to welcome new families to our sport! Here are resources, and next steps for those new families that you can share with friends and family now getting involved in the sport.

 Next steps in their USA Hockey journey:

  • Register your child with USA Hockey for this season
  • Enjoy practices at your local rink
  • Get involved as a volunteer with your child's team
  • Make new friends with the hockey families at your rink
  • Read monthly USA Hockey & MAHA newsletters, as well as USA Hockey Magazine

And of course, the best advice comes from hockey parents! Click to read more from parents whose kids either just started hockey too, or are teenagers soon graduating high school. 

DID YOU KNOW? The email address you registered your child with in the USA Hockey system is the email address we send hockey information, exclusive partner benefits, digital copy of USA Hockey Magazine and much more. Check your email to ensure you're getting the most out of USA Hockey!