Coaching Requirements

A. All teams rostered with the MAHA and USA HOCKEY must have a coach and/or manager in good standing with the MAHA and USA HOCKEY. All teams must have a rostered coach, assistant coach and/or manager present at all team functions who is responsible for the conduct of all team personnel. The Head Coach of each team must be so designated on the roster at time of each team's registration. Also reference USA Hockey rule 201.

B. Coach and managers must be rostered at the same time as the players. Teams may roster additional team officials at any time. (See paragraph II., Registration and Rostering Participants and Teams for required paperwork.) Coaches and Managers can only be rostered on one team in an age/division classification at a time; ex. Rostering with a 13U (Bantam) A and 14U (Bantam) B is acceptable since these are different classifications.

C. It is recommended that each Youth and Girl’s/Women’s team have a manager. All Youth and Girl’s/Women’s National Tournament bound teams are required to have a team manager. A coach who serves as a team manager shall register only as a coach. There shall be no USA Hockey charge for manager registration. Managers are covered under USA Hockey insurance policies. There shall be no member card or other benefits included with a manager registration. A team manager who is not registered as a coach may not participate in on ice activities. The team manager shall be the custodian of all documents necessary for credential review prior to participation in Tournaments, District, State and National playoffs. (See paragraph XII, Credentials, for the minimum required paperwork.)

D. All coaches must have the required certification level by January 1 of the current season, unless earlier deadlines are established by the District or Affiliate.  (Michigan aligns with the USA Hockey date, coaches must complete clinic requirements before January 1).   In addition, all coaches must complete their required age-specific modules PRIOR to participating with their team.   Coaching Levels and the process for progressing through them are listed in the next tab.