The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association's S.T.A.R. Hockey program was one of the first of its type created anywhere in the country.  It is our response to increasing reports of misconduct, abuse, and violence in youth hockey and other youth sports.  

The S.T.A.R. Hockey program is meant to be presented and explained to ALL hockey participants in Michigan, including parents, players, coaches, officials, and administrators. It is also reviewed in Coaching and Officiating education programs. The Parent Code of Conduct form is a mandatory part of the registration process. 

The mission of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association's S.T.A.R. HOCKEY program is to provide a youth hockey environment in which all the individuals are treated with respect and dignity for the enjoyment and personal development of everyone. Below you will find a copy of the code of conduct that we expect all particpants and spectators to follow. Should an incident occur, you can file an incident report by clicking the incident report link in the navigational bar on the left.