Protect Yourself and Your Family

USA hockey provides the best insurance available in Senoir Mens Hockey to cover you should any accident occur. These coverages insure that should an accident happen you and your family will have protection.
Refer to for exact details of coverages,
Highlights: There are three insurance coverages that are designed to protect Registered members of USA Hockey. This coverage's include:

Catastrophic Medical
This is coverage provided to protect participants in USA Hockey sanctioned events from serious "catastrophic" injury, which may include major surgery, internal injury or even permanent paralysis cases. The coverage provides up to $2,000,000 of lifetime benefits per catastrophic injury. The plan has a $25,000 deductible which may be met by other insurance either through an employer's, or our sports accident (excess medical) insurance. This insurance is not capped, unlike some of the other providers to Adult Hockey Leagues. 

Participant Accident (Excess) Insurance
This coverage is provided for registered members participating on all USA Hockey registered teams and registered officials. It provides participant medical accident insurance for the covered medical expenses of registered members, on an excess basis, over and above their personal or group medical insurance, with no deductible per accident (if there is other valid and collectible insurance in force at the time of the accident). The deductible portion of any primary insurance up to $1000 is not covered nor eligible for reinbursement under this excess coverage. If there is NOT other valid, collectible medical insurance in force at the time of the accident, the deductible becomes $3,500 per accident, before participant and accident insurance applies. Medical expenses for physical therapy, braces and prescriptions, and the deductible portion of a primary insurance policy up to $1,000, are some of the expenses not covered under the policy.

The company will pay up to a $25,000 maximum for covered expenses; includes limited dental coverage.

General Liability
Provides broad legal liability protection for USA Hockey and USA Hockey affiliated organizations, their officers, directors, coaches, Managers, officials, players, sponsors and volunteers against lawsuits Arising due to accidental bodily injury that results from a claim of Negligence being brought against them while acting within the Scope of their responsibilities on behalf of USA Hockey. The policy is written on an occurrence form with a limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence and without a general aggregate limit. All sanctioned activities necessary or incidental to the conduct of practice, exhibition, post season and scheduled games are covered by this basic legal liability policy.