Michigan Warriors Hockey Program

The Michigan Warriors Hockey Program (MWHP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created for charitable and recreational activities, namely, providing an educational and developmental hockey program for Disabled Veterans and to participate in volunteer community services.

We welcome Veterans of any disability or injury and any skill level to join the program and especially encourage those who have never played hockey before to come out and try.

Since the program’s inception, the MWHP has provided over 4000 man-hours of ice time to over 100 Warriors throughout Southeastern Michigan and Metro-Detroit at no cost to the Disabled Veterans.  All ice time is paid for through corporate sponsorships and private donations.  Through MAHA and private donations, most Warriors have been outfitted with new, up-to-date skates and other safety equipment.  The MWHP hosts a staff of volunteer coaches with an experienced and extensive background in hockey. 

The MWHP has now grown to incorporate two of the ten regions designated by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. Within the next five years, the MWHP plans on expanding and creating hockey teams in all ten regions.

For more information, please visit http://www.michiganwarriorshockey.com

American Amputee Hockey Association

The American Amputee Hockey Association (AAHA) is a non-profit sports organization founded in 2000 to develop opportunities for amputee and other disabled athletes to learn and play competitive hockey. Efforts to organize the sport of amputee hockey began when two people put their heads together: Dr. Mark Pitkin, founder of the Institute for Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Landmine Survivors at Tufts University and native of St. Petersburg, Russia, and Dr. David Crandell, who specializes in working with disabled athletes. Pitkin was seeking ways to rehabilitate amputees through sport, and Crandell suggested he arrange an ice hockey team where participants would play upright on their prostheses.

Amputee Hockey is identical to typical amateur ice hockey, with the notable exception that the athletes are missing one or more of their upper or lower extremities.  Competing with other amputees helps to increase self-esteem through participation in a fast-paced, exciting sport on a "level playing field", the hockey rink.  Our motto "put your disability on ice" is designed to inspire amputees and other athletes to look beyond impairment and disability toward participation and improved performance in a competitive team sport.

The organization promotes a fun and safe environment and serves athletes ranging in age and gender. AAHA is working to grow the sport on national and international levels and is leading the international effort to make Standing (Amputee) Hockey a Winter Paralympic Sport.

For more information, please visit  www.amputeehockey.org.