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8U Hockey Events

8U Mite Hockey Jamborees Sponsored by Biggby Coffee & MAHA

MAHA Jamborees

2023 - 2024 Jamboree Date - As 11/2/23

November 12, 2023 - Salute to Our Veterans - Arctic Coliseum - Chelsea  Sold Out

December 3, 2023 Hazel Park Arena - Hazel Park  1 Spot for 8U Red Teams Available

December 10, 2023 - USA Hockey Arena - Plymouth  2 Spots for 6U Teams & 12 Spots for 8U White Division teams Available

January 27, 2024 - East Lansing Ice Cube (formerly Suburban Ice)  Sold Out

February 16 – 18,  2024 - Center Ice - Traverse City 1 Spot Girls Divisions Available
Presidents Day Weekend event. Divisions reset by ability based on results from first days of competition.

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for one of the events, please contact Jon Hosking


These will fun one and two day events were teams would play a minimum of four games. These are competitive events allowing players to test their skills against teams from around the state.


  • Each Team will play in 4 games at one-day event and 6 games at two-day event
  • We will be offering the following skill divisions
    • 6U – Played Cross ice
    • 8U – Played Half – Ice
      • Red –Older players, more advanced skill players
      • White- Evenly mixed team, good skills
      • Blue - Younger or first year players, skills not quite as developed
      • Girls Only Division
  • Each player will receive a participation medal
  • All games use USA Hockey Officials, timekeepers provided
  • FUN Tournament like atmosphere!

Register Now!

To reserve your team’s spot, click on the registration link below.  Space is limited so you will want to sign up as early as possible! Simply fill out the registration form and pay the $50 deposit to reserve your space.

Note: We don’t recommend more than about 9-10 players on a team so all players get maximum ice time. If you have a larger team (more than bout 13) you can split it into two. If you need to, you can use some players on both team. We will try to make sure that both teams play at separate times.

The total cost is $25 per player for one-day event, $35 for two-day event.  The balance of your team fee must be paid at least a week prior to the event.

Note: For 23-24 each event only offers certain divisions.  See the list of events on the left to see which divisions will be offered for each event.


2023-2024 Registration Opens September 15, 2023

If the registration link below says inactive, make sure you are logged into you Sports Engine account first. You may need to setup an account first.

8U Hockey Plus Program - For 2015 Birth Year Players moving to 10U hockey in the 24-25 season

This program is designed for players, who are 8 year Old (2015 Birth Year) to provide a transition to the next level 10U hockey. This program will consist of a limited number of regional full-ice games, and a season ending full-ice tournament for the teams. This program will also help attract, train, and retain level 1 officials.

Program Benefits

  • Provides a clear path from Learn to Skate to Cross-ice, and then a transition to full-ice during the proper development windows for those players moving on to 10U hockey the following season.
  • More participation in ADM player development programs providing proper player development for more players at the 8U age level.
  • Retain more 8-year-old players within MAHA / USAH Hockey for the full season.
  • Provide training ground for new level 1 Officials.

Key Dates

  • October 5, 2023 – Informational Zoom Call for Associations
  • By December 1, 2023 - Register the teams you plan to have participate on the 8U Hockey page on the MAHA website.
  • December 12, 2023 – Attend Zoom Call for Coaches and Managers Participating
  • January 1, 2024 - Begin building team rosters.
  • January 5, 2024 – Regional game schedules complete
  • January 16, 2024 - Regional game play begins.
  • March 10, 2024 - Regional games must be complete.
  • March 22-25 - End of Season Tournament

Registration Deadline December 1, 2023

Program Details

Program Length

  • Approximately an 8-10 week program with games beginning no sooner than January16, 2024.

Player Eligibility

  • Program would be for players in the 8-year-old birth year only (2015 Birth Year)
  • Players must be rostered participants within your association by October 31, 2023.
  • Players would have to have participated in half-ice program between September 1 and December 31
  • Players should continue to play and practice with half-ice teams in addition to this program. This is an additional opportunity for those 8-Year-old players.


  • The MAHA will organize and run the regional games and season ending tournament. Games schedules will be tracked and standing posted using Gamesheet.
  • Program uses intermediate size nets.

2024 8U Mite Cup State Playoff


Location: Suburban Ice Rochester - Rochester, MI

Dates: March 15-17, 2024

Rules and Eligibility:

  • Electronic Registration Due Date:  January 31, 2024 (or when division reach max capacity)
  • Cost is $325.00 Per Team  
  • Suggest 9 – 12 players per team.  Players may not participate on more than one association team in this event.
  • All players in your 8U Program may be included. 
  • All players and coaches must be USA Hockey Registered and rostered with USA Hockey.
  • In order for a team to be eligible for this event they must participate in at least one MAHA run or District run jamboree (complete list of eligible events of the registration form) so their ability level can be judged for proper placement in the tournament. The team entered in the State Tournament must be essentially the same team that participated in MAHA or District Jamboree.

Current List of Qualifying Events for 23-24 - As of 9/28/23

  • Kalamazoo Chilli Challenge Jamboree - Nov. 4
  • Chelsea Jamboree - Nov. 12
  • Hazel Park Jamboree - Dec. 3
  • Plymouth Jamboree - Dec. 10
  • Lansing Jamboree - Jan. 27
  • Traverse City Jamboree - Feb 16-18
  • I-275 8U League
  • Adray 8U League
  • Little Caesars Half-Ice League
  • Silver Sticks Jamboree
  • All games will be half-ice, four on four with a goalie format.  There will be a one-minute warm-up with three nine-minute periods.  No time-outs.

  • Teams will be able to enter in one of three skill divisions. It is up to the Associations to properly assign players to teams according to their skill set.  Birth year is not the overriding factor at this age level using the following procedures. 
  • RedWhite and  Blue Divisions: 
    • Red  Division: 2015 Birth Year Advanced Skill Players and/or Very Advanced 2016 Birth Year Players or any select or tournament team.
    • White Division: 2016 Birth Year Advanced Skill Players and/or Intermediate Skill 2015 Birth Year Players or 2016 or younger selected or tournament teams
    • Blue Division: Mixed 2016 or younger Birth Year Players of Intermediate Skill level or 2015 Newer Players to the Game.
    • Girls Only! Mixed 2015 and 2016 or younger Birth Year Players
  • MAHA reserves the right to assign team to the appropriate division.
  • No players with birth dates before January 1, 2015 are allowed to participate.

Note: For complete rule information download the rules packet on the right.

Emphasis of tournament is to create an atmosphere and tournament play that allows our young players to have FUN!                                          

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2017 Mite Cup Action

MAHA 8U Mite Cup

The first 8U Mite Cup was held in 2016 at the Troy Sports Center. A visit by the  Stanley cup was a high point of the  inaugural event.  The 8U Mite Cup has been held annually since then to celebrate the accomplishments of 8U hockey players, and the end of the 8U hockey season. Originally there were three youth ability level divisions (Red, White & Blue). In 2022 an all girls division was added with 12 teams participating the first year.

Download Tournamnet Rule Sheet

Download Complete 2023 - 2024 State Playoff Handbook