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Mite Jamborees

Jamboree Highlights from Van Andel Arena

MAHA 8U Mite Cup State Championship

MAHA State Championship

Location: Arctic Coliseum - Chelsea  & Optimist Arena - Jackson

Dates: March 26 - 28,  2021 Updated

$250 Team Registration Fee - Collected at Time of Registration

Registration Deadline January 31, 2021 or When Division is Full

Click Here to Register for 8U Mite Cup Championship


Updated December 2020

General Rules
Teams will be able to enter in one of three skill divisions. It is up to the Associations to properly assign players to teams according to their skill set.  Birth year is not the overriding factor at this age level using the following procedures. 

  • RedWhiteand BlueDivisions: 
  • RedDivision: 2012 Birth Year Advanced Skill Players and/or Very Advanced 2013 Birth Year Players or any select or tournament team.
  • WhiteDivision: 2013 Birth Year Advanced Skill Players and/or Intermediate Skill 2012 Birth Year Players or 2013 or younger selected or tournament teams.
  • BlueDivision: Mixed 2013 or younger Birth Year Players of Intermediate Skill level or 2012 Newer Players to the Game.
  • MAHA reserves the right to assign team to the appropriate division.
  • No players with birth dates before January 1, 2012 are allowed to participate.

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of four (4) games.

  • All players must be USA Hockey registered.
  • USA Hockey’s Zero Tolerance Rules will be strictly enforced.  Arena and/or Tournament staff reserves the right to remove from the tournament and premises any players, coaches and or spectators who violate USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policies. (xx thru xxi 2017-2021 Official Rules of Ice Hockey).
  • A maximum two (2)coaches per team are allowed on the bench during each game.  All other parents must confine their spectating activities to the stands. Coaches must have Level 1 CEP Certification.

Click below to download complete set of rules

MAHA Sponsored Jamborees

2020  - 2021 Jamboree Date

November 15, 2020 - Salute to Our Veterans - Arctic Coliseum - Chelsea - Registration Closed

December 12,  2020 - Crystal Field House - Burton  - Cancelled

January 30, 2021 - Suburban Ice East Lansing  

February 13 – 14,  2021 - Center Ice - Traverse City  - Sold Out Moving Locations to Kalkaska & Cadillac
Presidents Day Weekend event. Divisions reset by ability based on results from first days of competition.

Register Now!

To reserve your team’s spot, click on the registration link below.  Space is limited so you will want to sign up as early as possible! Simply fill out the registration form and pay the $50 deposit to reserve your space.

Note: We don’t recommend more than about 9-10 players on a team so all players get maximum ice time. If you have a larger team (more than bout 13) you can split it into two. If you need to, you can use some players on both team. We will try to make sure that both teams play at separate times.

The total cost in the past has been $20 per player for one-day event, $25 for two-day event.  The balance of your team fee must be paid at least a week prior to the event. Once you know for sure how many will be attending you can pay the balance.

Registration Now Open!

Mite Jamborees

These will fun one and two day events were teams would play a minimum of four games. These are competitive events allow players to test their skills against teams form around the state.


  • Each Team will play in 3 games at one-day event and 6 games at two-day event
  • We will be offering the following skill divisions
    • 6U – Played Cross ice
    • 8U – Played Half – Ice
      • Red –Older players, more advanced skill players
      • White- Evenly mixed team, good skills
      • Blue - Younger or first year players, skills not quite as developed
  • Each player will receive a participation medal
  • All games use USA Hockey Officials, timekeepers provided
  • FUN Tournament like atmosphere!
  • Cost in the past has been $20 per player for one-day event, $25 for two-day event. Price may change if we have to adjust format or schedule to to Covid this season.


2020 - 2021 Special Covid Procedures

  • Any players / coaches / spectators who are not feeling well or are running a fever should not participate
  • All players must come fully dressed. Skates/helmet & gloves should be put on once you arrive at the arena
  • Depending on the arena locker rooms may or may not be available
  • Arrival should be no earlier than 15 minutes before their game time
  • All player / coaches/ spectators must follow the current MDHHS guidelines for facial coverings
  • All players will need to leave the locker room (if used) within 10 minutes after the game is over
  • If players / families are planning to watch another game or visit the restaurant/concessions the players bag/stick etc needs to be taken out to the car
  • We will be asking every team fill out a google doc listing the players name/number as well as any guests who are attending. We will ask that you do this during the week prior to the event.  This helps eliminate the need to a check in station at the event.