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DeSpirt Earns President's Award at 2023 MAHA Awards Banquet

By MAHA, 07/10/23, 10:45PM EDT


The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association proudly recognizes Bob DeSpirt as its recipient of the President's Award, for outstanding contributions to MAHA and amateur hockey, during the 2023 MAHA Awards banquet. 

With decades of achievement in the Michigan hockey community, DeSpirt continues to actively participate in new projects and initiatives for the organization. A director in the Compuware Youth Hockey organization, DeSpirt is known for his keen attention to detail, first-class record keeping, and organizational skills. These skills have made him a tremendous contributor to any committee he's involved in.

DeSpirt went above and beyond this year in contributing to the By-Law Reorganization project. He was the driving force behind the process, keeping everyone on task. He spent countless hours reviewing changes, dotting 'i's,' crossing 't's,' and making sure issues were resolved by the group.

DeSpirt also actively leads the agenda for the Tier I Committee. 

DeSpirt will continue to be a significant contributor to the betterment of the game of ice hockey in Michigan, and his efforts are celebrated with this 2023 President's Award. 

Congratulations, Bob!