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MAHA Adopts GameSheet for 2023-24 Season

By MAHA, 08/15/23, 4:15PM EDT


August 11, 2023


We are very proud to announce that Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) is adopting GameSheet as our statewide scoring platform, starting with the 2023-2024 Regular Season.

As a Michigan based league and as an Affiliate of MAHA, GameSheet will be provided to your association teams, as well as your leagues, as a member benefit at no cost to you. Per our discussions at the 2023 MAHA Summer Meetings, as well as the recent Association Presidents’ call, MAHA is providing this benefit to help support our leagues’ infrastructure, eliminate paper score sheets and stickers, and streamline MAHA processes such as team credentialing for District and States. Also, your use of the platform minimizes volunteer hours while providing real time updates to standings and scores for your league membership.

We're very excited to onboard our members to this system. GameSheet is the leader in the market leader in game sheet automation. Many leagues and affiliates across the US and Canada have already been successfully using GameSheet for several years. GameSheet has multiple statewide contracts including Minnesota Hockey where every youth game and event for 2,400 teams is scored with GameSheet. GameSheet Staff has provided Minnesota Hockey the training, scheduling, and web integration to make the program successful.

GameSheet’s intuitive system eases the burden of every stakeholder in the scoring and league management process, including League Executives, Coaches, Managers, Referees, Time Keepers and Parents. With real time access to every detail of the game, GameSheet moves sports forward through patent pending analytics focused on players, referees, penalties, suspensions, injuries and more. League decision-makers are able to use the system to develop policy based on immediate league data, helping to grow the game while making sports safer and more enjoyable for players, families and fans.

While the system is incredibly user-friendly, we understand you'll have questions about GameSheet's state-of-the-art scoring app and league management platform and how it can help automate your league processes. With this in mind, the following is a summary of valuable resources and tools intended to answer questions, as well as ensure a smooth transition to this system:


iPad Sourcing:

In order to score your game the home team will be responsible for securing an iPad for the scorekeeper - the GameSheet scoring App requires an iOS 12 or higher, which is up to 10 years old.

IMPORTANT: Based on 10 years of experience, GameSheet strongly recommends that an iPad be facilitated within your team’s families as the primary option. Most teams in leagues/affiliates using GameSheet, some of which have over 600 (+) teams, a family member from the team will volunteer an old iPad for the Team Manager for the season to utilize for scoring home games.

Below is a link to additional iPad solutions:


GameSheet Training

The best way to prepare for the 2023-24 season is to familiarize yourself with the GameSheet product and functionality. You will quickly discover Gamesheet is user friendly and simple to learn - it was designed by hockey people for hockey people. To ensure this, we are providing the following support materials for your use:

On-Demand Training Training Videos: Quick Start

Guide for Scoring:

Quick Start Guide for Teams/Managers:


Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions (Zoom)

GameSheet will be supporting MAHA with weekly open Q & A sessions on Zoom, starting August 7th through November 30th

Team Specific – Coach/Manager – Mondays @ 8pm EST (through 11/27)

Scorekeeper Specific – Tuesdays @ 8pm EST (through 11/28)

League Admin / Tournament Directors – Web Integration – Wednesdays @ 8pm EST (through 11/30)

Zoom Link for All Training Sessions:


We anticipate the onboarding process to kick off the week of August 14th, 2023. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Please feel free to reach out with questions – to learn more about the GameSheet product and capabilities, click here or e-mail