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Team Up Against Concussions Week - October 23-27, 2023!

By MAHA, 10/14/23, 5:00PM EDT


October 14, 2023


USA Hockey, in partnership with The Concussion Legacy Foundation, is once again presenting “Team Up Against Concussions” Week - October 23-27, 2023.

Concussions continue to be a major safety concern in our sport, and only through the continued vigilance of players, coaches, parents, and organizations can we ensure that these serious brain injuries are identified and treated properly so our players can get back on the ice with no long-term negative effects.

During TUAC week, across all associations we are asking players to volunteer to be a ‘TUAC Captain,’ and to record themselves giving the TUAC Speech to their team. Completed videos should be sent to the Michigan District Player Safety Coordinator (Jon Hosking).  Video submissions will be promoted and shared on MAHA’s digital / social media platforms, in an effort to reinforce the TUAC philosophy.

Instructions on the process are included in the attached page.

Team Instructions:

  1. Each team should designate a player on a team to be the team’s “Concussion Legacy Captain” and give the player the speech card.
  2. Have that player sign up online here to have a Team Up Against Concussions speech card and wristband mailed to the player.
  3. Film videos of Captains giving the Team Up Against Concussions Speech to their team.
    1. Videos should be shot horizontally rather than vertically, if possible.
  4.  Have the Captain take a selfie with the team after the speech.
  5. Send video/selfie to USA Hockey- Michigan District Player Safety Coordinator Jon Hosking in any of the following ways:
    1. Email him at
    2. Upload content to this Google Drive Folder


The speech (also on the speech card): This is what the designated player will say to the team:

We’re a team and teammates look out for each other.

A teammate with a concussion needs your help.

I expect you to speak up to a coach, or an athletic trainer if you think a teammate has a concussion.






Contact Jon Hosking, USA Hockey Player Safety Coordinator- Michigan District at