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Michigan Girls Hockey League merging with LCAHL for upcoming season

By Special From Michigan Hockey, 07/14/14, 5:30AM EDT


By @MichaelCaples -

TRAVERSE CITY – Starting this fall, the Michigan Girls Hockey League will have the strength of Little Caesars Hockey behind it.

The league is merging with the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League starting with the 2014-15 season, it was announced today during the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association’s summer meeting.

“Girls’ hockey is a unique animal,” said Dan Berry, commissioner of the LCAHL. “It really needs a special touch to it. The Michigan Girls Hockey League understands girls’ hockey very, very well, but lack a little bit of the infrastructure and some of the power in the marketing capabilities that Little Caesars has to offer. What we’ve agreed to in this merger is basically taking the organization within the Michigan Girls Hockey League and merging it with Little Caesars so that we’ve got the braintrust to grow the game of girls’ hockey as well as offering them the air support, the marketing, all the additional infrastructure that Little Caesars can offer really to give them the best of both worlds. It’s a win-win for Caesars, for the girls, for the MGHL and we’re really looking forward to moving forward with it.”

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