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Twenty Nine Michigan Teams Headed to USA Hockey Nationals

By MAHA, 03/20/15, 8:45PM EDT


Congratulations and Good Luck to all our teams at Nationals!

Michigan National Bound Teams 2015

Division Team Name Head Coach
Tier 1 14U Youth Honeybaked - State Champion Treveor Edwards
Tier 1 14U Youth Little Caesars - At Large Robert Mayes Jr
Tier 1 14U Youth Compuware - At Large Chris Tamer
Tier 1 14U Youth Oakland Jr Grizzlies - At Large Todd Bertuzzi
Tier 1 16U Youth Michigan Nationals - State Champion Travis Richards
Tier 1 16U Youth Victory Honda - At Large Derek Szajner
Tier 1 16U Youth Honeybaked - At Large Todd Gardiner
Tier 1 18U Youth Little Caesars - State Champion Jeffery Helmuth
Tier 2 14U Youth Oakland Jr Grizzlies - State Champion Jason Selleke
Tier 2 14U Youth Grand Rapids Griffins - Runner Up William Brewer
Tier 2 16U Youth St Clair Shores Saints - State Champion William Selengowski
Tier 2 16U Youth D & D Bicycles - Runner Up Brandon Naurato
Tier 2 18U Youth TBD 3/22 - State Champion
Tier 2 18U Youth Troy Sting - Host Russell Rowe
Tier 1 14U Girls Little Caesars - State Champion Matthew Wiljanen
Tier 1 16U Girls Little Caesars - State Champion Paul Goleniak
Tier 1 16U Girls Honeybaked - At Large Robert Robinson
Tier 1 19U Girls Honeybaked - State Champion Lyle Phair
Tier 2 14U Girls Kensington Valley Ravens - State Champion Thomas Hall
Tier 2 14U Girls Troy lady Sting - Runner Up Paul Porter
Tier 2 16U Girls Ann Arbor - State Champion Brian Gibson
Tier 2 16U Girls Livonia Knights - Runner Up Joel Massa
Tier 2 19U Girls Marquette City Insurance - State Champion Jeff Cornock
Tier 2 19U Girls Rochester rattlers - Runner Up Jeff Johnson
Women's Sr. A Little Caesars Anthony Ciraulo
Women's Sr B Victory Honda - State Champion Brad Johnson
Women's Sr B Detroit Revolution - Runner Up Tracy Davis
Women's Sr C O'Leary Hawks - State Champion Carrie Sirola
Women's Sr C Mission - Runner Up Gustavo Martinez