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Nomination for District Director Election Due January 31

By MAHA , 01/03/17, 10:00AM EST


Every three years there are elections for MAHA District Directors.  We encourage those wishing to get more involved and interested in running to acquaint themselves with the procedure.  Those interested, need to submit their name in nomination to their District by January 31, 2017. (see list of district contacts below)  Candidates are allowed to submit a resume (not to exceed 250 words) and are encouraged to do so.  The rule information is below.

Powers and Duties of District Directors and District Chairpersons of the MAHA.

(1) Shall represent and oversee the affairs of their respective District within Michigan.

(2) Shall interface with their respective Director-at-Large and Executive Committee members as needed to perform their duties.

(3) Shall mentor and manage the membership within their District.

(4) The District Chairperson, or designee, shall be responsible for conducting disciplinary hearings within their District.



 (1) must have been a member in good standing of MAHA for a three year period prior to nomination; (parent of participant or adult participant)

(2) shall not have been involved in a skating facility as an arena manager or owner during that period;

(3) shall not have been involved as an owner, officer or manager of a for-profit tournament or for-profit league during that period.

(4) A person shall not be a candidate for a position as an Officer, Director or Director at Large for more than one MAHA position at a time nor hold more than one voting position within MAHA.


Election Procedure for District Directors

 (1) District Directors shall be elected by their constituent Head Coaches to serve three year terms. Terms shall commence at the conclusion of the Summer Meeting.

(2) Each District Council shall appoint an individual to solicit and receive nominations for District

Directors. The list of nominees shall be forwarded to the MAHA Secretary by February 1st.

(3) Ballots will be mailed to the Head Coach of each team and must be returned to the MAHA Secretary by the date indicated on the ballot with both signed and printed name. The Secretary shall record the votes cast and submit the results to the MAHA Executive Board for certification. Each nominee for District Director shall be allowed to furnish a resume of their qualifications for office (electronic submission only) up to 250 words, which shall be posted on the MAHA web site. The ballots shall contain language directing voters to the web site for this information.

For the purpose of this process, the Head Coach is the individual who is so designated on the USA Form 1-T “Team Roster” as the Head Coach. Each USA Hockey registered Head Coach of a team registered for the current playing season shall be entitled to submit one ballot.

(4) In the event the number of nominees for District Directors does not exceed the number of Directors to be elected, the nominees shall become Directors-elect and the election process shall be discontinued.

(5) Depending on the number of Directors allowed, the following will be applicable:

(a) Highest vote getters in order of number of votes received will become District Directors to the extent of directorships available in the District.


Submit Your Nomination to the Appropriate District Contact Below

District 2

Doug Diroff

District 5

Mike Cruickshank

District 8

Cathy Starrett

District 3

District 6

Joe Spedowski

District 4

Bob Despirt

District 7

Pat Brumbraugh