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Coaching Clinics

Upcoming Michigan Coaching Education Clinics

Clinic Level Date Location
Level 4 2017-09-15 Kalamazoo
Level 1 2017-09-16 Kalamazoo
Level 2 2017-09-16 Kalamazoo
Level 3 2017-09-16 Kalamazoo
Level 1 2017-09-17 Dearborn
Level 1 2017-09-17 Plymouth
Level 1 2017-09-24 Grand Rapids
Level 2 2017-09-24 Brownstown
Level 1 2017-09-30 Cadillac
Level 2 2017-09-30 Cadillac
Level 3 2017-10-08 Dearborn
Level 1 2017-10-14 Macomb
Level 1 2017-10-14 Gladwin
Level 2 2017-10-15 Plymouth
Level 2 2017-10-22 St. Ignace
Level 2 2017-11-04 Rochester
Level 3 2017-11-04 Petoskey
Level 1 2017-11-05 Plymouth
Level 1 2017-11-11 Detroit - Little Caesar Arena
Level 2 2017-11-11 Detroit - Little Caesar Arena
Level 3 2017-11-11 Detroit - Little Caesar Arena
Level 2 2017-11-18 Brownstown
Level 1 2017-11-18 East Lansing
Level 1 2017-12-02 Alpena
Level 3 2017-12-02 Brownstown
Level 1 2017-12-03 Plymouth
Level 1 2017-12-10 Grosse Pointe
Level 2 2017-12-10 Grosse Pointe
Level 2 2017-12-10 East Lansing
Level 3 2017-12-10 East Lansing
Level 4 2017-12-16 East Lansing - MSU

Register Online for Coaching Clinics

The most up to date list of USA Hockey Coaching Clinics in Michigan can be found in the Coaches section of the USA Hockey web site at the following address:

Everyone in the Coaching Education Program is a volunteer like many of you. Our instructors have some leeway to schedule clinics around family and work. They are not obligated to offer clinics at any specific time or place.  Having said that, we will still offer you over 60 clinics state-wide this season, with nearly 30 in the metro Detroit area alone.  You should plan ahead to ensure that you are able to attend the most convenient location and time for yourself.   COACHING CLINICS WILL END IN MID-DECEMBER.  IF YOU CAN'T PLAN AHEAD, YOU WILL NEED TO APPLY FOR A USA HOCKEY TEMPORARY CARD TO COMPLETE THE HOCKEY SEASON.  APPROVAL OF THE TEMPORARY CARD IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Level 3 Recertification (Renewal)

For specifics on who should renew and when, refer to the Requirements section of this web site.

Access the Recertification on the USA Hockey web site: 

Level 3 Recertification is administered by flexxCOACH through its website and requires a separate flexxCOACH login (also available on its site).   Important Notes to read BEFORE registering:


  1. Coaches MUST be current members of USA Hockey to receive USA Hockey certification credit.
  2. You can recertify your Level 3 certification only twice. Please check the online certification list BEFORE registering for this program. If you have three or more Level 3 certifications listed, you are NOT eligible to complete this program. You will need to attend a Level 4 clinic to update your certification status.
  3. ALL districts require coaches to have current certification prior to January 1 of the current coaching season. The program must be completed by January 1 in order to receive credit for the current season. Programs completed after January 1 will be held until after May 1 for the following season. The certification will be updated automatically after registering for the new season.