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Coaching Internships

Information & Application Process

The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association offers to its experienced youth coaches an opportunity to work and gain experience at the elite level of hockey, participating in Coaching Internships at the Michigan Select Festivals, the USA Hockey National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor, and occasionally, the USA Hockey National Player Development Camps.  

Interested coaches must meet the requirements listed, obtain and complete an application form (link on this web site), and submit it by the deadline indicated.  They must also commit to attend the entire event. A MAHA selection committee will choose the successful candidates.

Qualifications to be Considered

  1. Applicant must be actively coaching in the current hockey season.
  2. Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen and a resident of the Michigan District of USA Hockey.
  3. Applicant must have a minimum of 5 (five) years hockey coaching experience.
  4. Applicants must have no history of, or outstanding, disciplinary actions on record by any USA Hockey, MAHA, High School or other governing body of ice hockey.
  5. Applicants must exhibit a commitment to coaching, by a track record of education and achievement at the local, state, or national level.
  6. Applicants must exhibit a record of player development, including the active promotion of sportsmanship and ethics.  All applicants should be prepared to make a written statement of their personal coaching and player development philosophy.
  7. All applicants must be registered with USA Hockey.  Those not registered may do so prior to attending.  This cost is not reimbursable.  For information on registering, contact your local USA Hockey Associate Registrar.
  8. For NTDP Internships and National Player Development Camps, nominees must have completed LEVEL 3, the Intermediate Level, of the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program. For NTDP Internships, Level 4 (Advanced) or Level 5 (Master) level is preferred.

NTDP Internship Program

MAHA selects applicants to participate as associate coaches with the USA Hockey National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor.  Successful candidates work with the coaching staff Wed-Sat or Wed-Sun, depending on the team's schedule, in on-and-off-ice practices, planning sessions, workouts, and games.  Full access to the NTDP's library of hockey information, and informal sessions with the staff and players round out a remarkable experience. Applicants MUST specify which session(s) they are interested in/available for, and must attend the entire session.  Note that Michigan does not get a slot in every month, this is a national program.

Dates for the 2014-15 season will be announced in late summer, 2014.   Once known, the application form will be linked from this page.