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Host a Tournament

How to Host an Invitational Tournament

To Host a tournament fill out the required registration form by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.  When you apply to host a tournament you will need the following:

  1. All the pertinent information for your tournament. These include divisions offered, dates, tournament director contact information etc.
  2. A copy of the tournament rules in PDF or DOC format to be attached to the application
  3. A copy of your tournament flier or information in PDF or DOC format to be attached to the application if you wish to have it displayed in our tournament search NEW
  4. A $250 Application Fee for invitatational tournaments and the $250 Tournament Fee for 3 on 3, or 4 on 4 tournaments will be collected at the end of the application process. There is no charge for 8U Jamborees cross-ice jamborees.
  5. If the party organizing/hosting the tournament is not a MAHA affiliated association or club, the organizer/host must provide MAHA proof of insurance as well. The promoter/organizer is required to provide proof of liability insurance evidencing $2,000,000/occurrence and $4,000,000/ aggregate prior to a sanction being issued.
  6. At the close of the tournament an email will be sent with a link to close out the tournament. Have a list of the teams that played with their USA or Canadian Team numbers ready on the Tournament Team Participation Form to upload.  Upload the needed information and pay the remaining feel. (For invitational tournamnets the fee is $40 per team) There is no additional fees for 3 on 3, or 4 on 4 tournaments.
  7. If you have to cancel a tournament after it is sanctioned, see  refund policy on the right.

Additional information on the rules governing tournament is available in the right column.

Begin Your Tournament Application

Note: As of April 19, 2021 the application fee for invitational tournaments was raised to $250 due an increase in the fee from USA Hockey. The per team fee at the end of the tournament  will remain the same for the 2021 - 2022 season.($40) However, the application fee will no longer be a credit against the team fee due.