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Policy & Guidelines

MAHA Policy & Guidelines Index

Policy Description Section Approved /Modified Date
Financial Dispute Policy Administration 1/20/17
Privacy Policy Administration 11/5/2010
Whistleblower Policy Administration 1/20/2012
Records Retention Policy Administration 1/20/2012
Records Access Policy Administration 1/20/2012
Team Financial Statements Administration 8/2//2015
Conflict of Interest Policy Administration Rev. 7/12/2019
Michigan Residency Requirements Policy Registration 4/7/2015
Financial Procedures Manual Finance 5/13/16
MAHA Bid Policy for Purchases of $10,000.00 and Greater. Finance 7/9/2010
Helmet - Summary Suspension Policy & Procedure Playing Rules 9/8/2012
Video Review for Supplementary Discipline Playing Rules 7/12/19
Locker Room Policy SafeSport 9/28/2014
Individuals on Ice After Championship Game State Playoffs 8/9/2015
Invitational Tournament Deposits Tournaments 9/28/2008
Criteria for Approved Skill Development Programs Youth Rev 11/6/2013

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MAHA Financial Procedures Manual

Updated policies and procedures for the financial management of MAHA. Approved May 13, 2016.

MAHA Logo Guidelines

The MAHA log is trademarked and a as such can not be used with out permission. Guidelines must also be followed for proper usage.