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High School

MAHA Midget / High School Split-Season Team Information For 2023-24 Early Season

This will be the 10th year of the Midget Split Season Program. We are extremely excited about year Nine!

We have now had three National Championships come from the MAHA split season program.

Some of the benefits of the program are:

  • Encourages more player development prior to high school season
  • Allow all Midget age players intending to play high school hockey the opportunity to play for the State and National Championship as well.
  • Reduce the competition between MAHA and MHSAA programs who are each recruiting the same players for their teams.
  • Split season provides more places to play for players not making the varsity teams.

Important Dates and CHANGES!!

  • August 1, 2023, all midget (18U & 16U) split season teams as well as full season 18U Tier 2 teams can begin playing games. Teams can begin rostering on 7/15 but cannot play games until 8/1.
  • September 1, 2023, Teams must declare intent to enter the 16U split season playoffs or the 18U Tier 2 State Championship (Entry form will be on MAHA website) A $900 deposit will also be required as part of the application process.
  • October 20, 2023, Split-season 16U Tier 2 playoffs begin that weekend and may be completed depending on the number of teams. If needed, more games will be played the following weekend, October 27-29th 2023.
  • 18U State Tournament will be October 27-29th. Depending on the number of teams regionals may be required October 20-22nd 2023.
  • November 6th, 2022, Early Season rosters go dormant until MHSAA High School Season is over.
  • The dates for the MHSAA Finals are March 9th, 2024. MAHA 16 U State Tournament dates will be announced soon.
  • USA Hockey Nationals. April 3 - 7, 2024, 16U – Dallas, TX, 18U – Delmont, PA

Age Divisions:

  • 16 U (National Bound)
    • Players in the 2007 & 2008 birth years or younger.
  • 18 U (National Bound)
    • Players in the 2005 & 2006 birth years or younger.

16 U Split Season Playoff Format:


  • 16 U begin playoffs on or about 10/20 with finals to select team advancing to State Championship completed by 11/1.
  • Double Elimination Format in 16U playoff games
  • There may be two weekends of playoffs. The first weekend (Oct 20-22) will be the finals. If the champion cannot be determined given the format a second weekend (Oct 27-29) will be used.

18 U Tier 2 State Tournament Format

  • Both full & split season teams can participate
  • If needed October 20th weekend will be regional play using double elimination format
  • October 27th weekend is the MAHA 18 U Tier 2 State Championship. The standard state tournament format will be used.

Eligibility for Playoffs:

  • 7 Games for a player in classification and 17 games for a team apply to be eligible for playoffs. This means 17 games in the age classification you are in. So, if you are an 18U team you will need 17 games against other 18U teams to qualify for the playoffs. If 16U, then 17 games vs other 16U teams.  They can be split season or full season as well as out of state teams, even the Canadian equivalent to your level. (Games against Tier 1 or Tier 3 teams do not count toward your game count).
  • There may two early round robin events to help teams get games. Chelsea & Kalamazoo.
  • Credential checks must be done before the playoffs begin by your district. Any requirements that are due by December 31st of each year (i.e., coaching certification) must be completed by the teams that will play at the end of the season

Questions and Additional Information Contact:
Don Wright

Let Us Know You Plan to Participate in 2023 -2024

Help provide MAHA with information on the teams that intend to participate in the split season in Fall 2023. A complete list of those teams participating will be shared with those teams that register so they can more easily contact other split-season teams for games. We will also communicate other information about split-season opportunities as well as playoff information.

Fill out the form below now to let us know your participating this season! 

The Registration "High School" is not currently available.

2023 - 2024 16U Split Season & 18U Tier 2 Final Payment Link

Teams that declared intent to enter early-season playoffs must now make their final payment. Please use the link below to make your final payment.

16U Teams - $350.00

18U Teams $500

MAHA Split Season for High School Players

The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association implemented the split season as a pilot program in the 2014 – 2015 season to help players whose goal in to play high school hockey in the winter. The program provided a split season option for Midget A & AA divisions. Under this new program teams were now be able to compete in a new, earlier season starting in August, a late season starting in late-November, or in both.

Having an early season allows high school age players, not playing other fall sports, to compete at a high level in preparation for the MHSAA season. Those teams playing in the early season will have a playoff at the end of that season to qualify teams for the State Finals, which will be played immediately after the MHSAA season is done. The winner of the finals will represent Michigan at the USA Hockey National Championship.


  • Sends a positive message to Michigan hockey parents that MAHA cares and desires to rectify and minimize the stress and undecidedness that hockey parents face each fall on whether to "gamble" on their child making the high school team and not having a place to play at all if he/she doesn't make that team.
  • Recognize and significantly reduce the frustrations felt by 1st year high school athletes as they ponder whether they have a chance to make their high school team come tryout time in November while risking the chance they may not have any place to play if they don't tryout for a midget team that is selected earlier.
  • Help address the uncertainty of minor hockey associations and arena management on whether to budget ice for a midget team that might have too many or not enough players come November based on the number of players trying out for the local high school team(s).
  • Reduce the uncertainty for midget and high school coaches on how many players they will each have once high school tryouts conclude. 
  • Increase skill development for all players in these divisions by providing more competitive training and game opportunities prior to MHSAA season.
  • Allow High School Players to play fall sports and still be able to join a hockey team for the late season.
  • Allow more high school age players to participate on both MAHA and MHSAA teams.
  • Reduce the competition between MAHA and MHSAA programs who are each recruiting the same players for their teams.
  • Allow all Midget age players the opportunity to play for the State and National Championship.
  • More early-season ice utilization for rinks