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State Playoffs

State Playoff Committee

Is responsible for all House/Rec, Tier II, Tier I, Non-Varsity High School and Adult classification State Playoffs.  The committee is chaired by the Vice-President for Youth. Membership includes the Vice President for Adults, the Vice President for Girls’/Women’s, the High School Representative and the Chairperson of each District (or his/her designee). Additional members may be appointed as determined by the President and Executive Committee.

The committee is responsible for:

  • Awarding State Playoff sites
  • Approving State Playoff formats.
  • Determining the eligibility of a team and the players on that team and to act on requests for exception as brought forth by District Councils.
  • Approving the referees used for State Playoffs.

SPC Meeting Minutes

The SPC Meeting Minutes have been moved to a new page. Please use the link below to access the minutes.

State Playoff Forms

State Playoff Host Application

Application for those associations wishing to host state playoffs is now online only.  Please use link below.

Credentials Requirement Forms (Districts / States)

Required documentation for teams to enter District or State Playoffs.

MAHA Game Log in Excel

Used to record team games and results during the season.

Substitute Goalie -

Form required for team taking backup goalie for any type of game including district or state playoffs. See chart below to ensure you are making a proper request.

Officials Forms

Independent contractor form and W9 required for officials wishing to work District or State playoff games.

Credential Review