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2020 Summer Meeting

MAHA'S Kickoff Celebration - 2020 Virtual Summer Meetings

July 7, 2020 - MAHA President George Atkinson was joined by Jim Smith (President, USA Hockey) and Pat Kelleher (Executive Director, USA Hockey) to kickoff the 2020 Virtual Summer Meetings. The three leaders held a roundtable discussion on our forthcoming return to the rinks. 

Following the roundtable, George Atkinson acknowledged our 2020 Service Award winners, in appreciation for their contributions to the game of hockey in Michigan.

MAHA Town Hall #1

July 11, 2020 - The first Town Hall meeting of the 2020 MAHA Virtual Summer Meetings featured two prominent guest speakers:

John O'Sullivan - Founder, Changing the Game Project - John offered his unique perspective, on the future of our game, with his presentation entitled, "Reimagining Youth Hockey, Post-COVID-19"

Bob Mancini - ADM Regional Manager, USA Hockey; Heather Mannix - Female ADM Manager, USA Hockey - Bob and Heather collaborate in a conversation about MAHA Coaches & Associations Working Together.

MAHA Town Hall #2

The second Town Hall meeting highlighted valuable resources and strategies for associations in Michigan, presented by members of the USA Hockey staff:

Katie Holmgren - Director of Program Services, USA Hockey - Katie summarizes a menu of assets, resources, and 'back to the rink' strategies offered by the Program Services team.

Kevin Erlenbach - Assistant Executive Director of Membership, USA Hockey - Kevin takes a deeper into "cultural competency," in an effort to achieve diversity and inclusion in our game.

Cameron Eickmeyer - Director of IT Development, USA Hockey - Cameron updates our membership on many of the technology enhancements offered by USA Hockey.

2020 MAHA Award Winners

The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) congratulates all of its 2020 Award Winners, for achieving standards of excellence in their contributions to youth hockey in Michigan.

Committee Reports