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Grow Your Association

23-24 Association of the Year Contest

Purpose: To incentivize local associations to rebuild numbers at the 8U age level (post-COVID)

Incentive: The top performing association will be awarded the Association of the Year (John Stansik Award). There are also cash awards for the top three preforming associations.

First Place $7,500
Second Place $5,000
Third Place $2,500

Criteria: Association will be measured on several specific growth measurements. They will receive points based on their performance in each of the categories. Growth measurements will be tracked throughout the year, with the March 31, 2024, USA Hockey Membership numbers being the final score. 

Associations will also be eligible for a maximum of 725 participation points based on their participation in certain growth-related activities as defined below. Participation points will be awarded throughout the year as activities are completed. All participation activities must be completed no later than the date shown for the activity. To record your participation, go to the Grow Your Association page on the MAHA Website and click on the participation tracking link. 

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Record Your Progress

To record your progress, use the link sent with the intial program registration. If you can't find the link, please reach out to us and we will supply you with the link again.

Contest Criteria

Growth Criteria
Change in the Percentage of Total Youth Players
Change in the Percentage of Total 8U Players
8U Players as a Percentage of Your Total Association Youth Membership
8U Player Retention - 80% Retention of 8U Player Bonus  - 100 Points

Participation Points
Identified Growth Coordinator 50 pts
Set an 8U Player Goal 50 pts
Program Service Growth Assessment 50 pts
Enroll in Hat Trick Challenge 50 pts
Girls Hockey Weekend Event 50 pts
Welcome Back Weeks 50 pts
November National THFF 25 pts
February National THFF 25 pts

Host Your Own THFF 50 pts
Association LTS Program 50 pts
Association LTP Program 50 pts

Bonus Points
Host Courageous Conversations Presentation Max 100 Pts
Be Nice Mental Health Presentation Max 100 pts
Positive Coaching Alliance Seminar Max 100 pts

22-23 Association of the Year Winnners

1st Place: Greater Flint Hockey Association

2nd Place: Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association

3rd Place: Livonia Hockey Association