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Important Forms

Registration Forms

Out of District Player Request

Michigan resident players of any age classification are permitted to play for an Association/Club that has the rink closest to their residence, based on Google Maps point to point distance, and will not be counted as an Out of District player if it is beyond District Boundaries.


Out of District rule does not apply in Spring.  

The form for 2018 - 19 season will be online after the MAHA Summer Meeting.  

Participant Code of Conduct Form

Code of Conduct that is to be reviewed and signed by all player, coach and manager participants.

Player Release Form

This is a PDF file form that can be filled in via computer or hand. The form is filled out by the releasing team and then given to the USAH Registrar of the new team they are going to.

Background Screening Information and Registration Forms

Information and screening registration forms for Coaches, Referees and Volunteers for the current season.

Youth Player Transfer Form - International & Canadian

Per International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) regulations, all players who wish to move from another country, regardless of whether or not they are registered with that member national association, to USA Hockey to register and compete in a competition under the jurisdiction of  USA Hockey, are required to apply for a transfer.

For more information click here

Tournament & Travel Permit Information and Applications

Tournament Application

Application and information to host a sanctioned  invitational tournament in Michigan.

Canadian Travel Permits

Canadian Exhibition Game Permit
Required for all exhibition games played in Canada. Must be applied for at least one week prior to first event. This permit has a date of issue and date of expiration.  Not to be used for League or Tournament Games.

Canadian Tournament Travel Permit
Any team participating in Canadian Tournaments must complete the Canadian Tournament Application form together with a 10.00 application fee.  This must be completed prior to your departure or your USA Hockey insurance will not follow you to Canada and you will be turned away by the Canadian Tournament Director as it will compromise the Canadian teams as well.  


Canadian Travel Permits

More info on Canadian Travel Permits and links to registration forms

Other Form Links

Conflict of Interest Form

Annually each director, officer, employee and volunteer shall complete a disclosure form identifying any relationships, positions or circumstances in which he or she is involved that he or she believes could contribute to a Conflict of Interest.